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Whether the weather we’re whethering…..

I’m loving the fact that winter is here. I love wearing lots of layers to keep warm, I love wearing ugh boots, coat and scarf. I find this so much better than summer as you can get warm in winter, but you can’t always cool down enough in summer. Nothing like snuggling with your honey on a cold winter night…. can’t really enjoy that on a hot summer night!

I love having a hot Te Chai to warm my tummy and settle me down for a good, long nights’ sleep in winter. I also love having a bowl of hot oats for breakfast, they’re just like a big, warm hug on the inside. The flannelette sheets are on the bed and the electric blanket is taking the chill off the sheets, what more could a girl want……

There is only one thing that I don’t like, and that is having to strip for a shower. Actually, the stripping and showering are okay, it’s when it comes to turning the water off that I have a problem – bbbbrrrrrrrr! And when you have to wash your hair – aarrrgggghhhhh. Will solve that problem soon when I get a heat light for the bathroom. We need to get an exhaust fan anyway, so why not a 3-in-1? I’ve got just the person in mind to install it for us, and it would make those morning showers so much more bearable.

I feel sorry for Jordy too. I know she’s a dog and has her own fur coat, but it is short hair and she’s an outside dog. I keep saying she needs a coat and the MOTH says she doesn’t, she has her own. I just entered a competition to win her one so fingers crossed. And if she wins, lets hope she doesn’t pull this one off like she did the last one. That only lasted one night, but she was still only very young when she did it. At least she has a few blankets in her kennel, and when I checked on her not long ago, she was snuggled up with them.

As the song says, “I love a rainy night…”