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The week that was….

That’s another week down in the life of the manic monkey, thank god the mania is starting to calm down. MOTH did point out over coffee this morning that I am still hard to deal with (thanks for the reminder) and that I hadn’t taken my risperdal….. oooohhhhh how I hate those little tablets. They make me feel seasick and dry of mouth, but at least they do have the desired effect of slowing me down somewhat. So, of course, after the shopping expedition this morning I took it and my feet slowly came back to earth with a resounding thud. It does stop the mania from burning me out though, as you can only keep going for so long before the body starts to give out.

The shopping was good, no crowd, got what we needed easily, and got home all before 10am. That meant that MOTH didn’t get to a couple of shops he wanted, but he will insist on being there before most of them open. He can get his bits at Bass Hill though, so no loss. It was lovely and quiet at Bankstown this morning, mostly due to Ramadan. I’ve never personally agreed with the whole fasting thing that goes with religion, but then I don’t agree with most formal religion anyway. I do understand the concept of going without in order to gain a greater appreciation for all that we have, but don’t feel the need to practice this myself. I am a true believer in all good things come to those who wait. Instant gratification can be good, but not at the expense of other necessities. Having said that, I did try on a pair of skinny jeans this morning, and ended up buying them, but they were only $8 and were instantly gratifying.

I caught up with Miss P today for lunch and cuppa’s. We have so much fun catching up for a good ol’ chinwag, weighing up what we’ve been told by different people. Many might call it gossiping or bitching, but I prefer touching base and cutting through the bullshit. When you get people who tell one person one thing, and the next person something else, it can be quite interesting to get to the bottom of the real story. Maybe the lies become too much and they can’t keep up with who has been told what, and so on. Anyhoo, I find it interesting if I have been asked for advice and it is totally disregarded for the exact polar opposite of what I’ve said, everything turning to crap, and then lie to cover up the mess. I find out the truth in the end, I’m not as silly as I look or come across.

It was good to see the MOTH’s good mate today. He’s taking the MOTH out next Sunday for a big Boy’s Night Out. Gotta say I’m really looking forward to it, the MOTH really needs to get out and now he has a plan. And about time too. He has spent the last 14 years taking excellent care of Jay and I, to the point of having done practically nothing for himself in that time. I only hope his health and fitness hold. He is still fighting off a chest infection that has been going on for months, and his back has been giving him more grief than usual since the cold snap hit last week. He just got over Jesus’ 50th birthday party, (that was outdoor at night 3 weeks ago) and then decided to give the lawns a crack on his own. He got most finished, but our backyard needs doing still and that won’t happen this week (I’ll make sure of that!).

Anyway, all in all it was a good week and I’m glad to finally be coming down a bit more. Hopefully I won’t need the tablets in the day for much longer as they make for a long day (and dry!). Stay good at what you do and keep smiling, it’ll keep everyone guessing….

Sliding into lunch…

It was one of those mornings where I felt like I moved the world…. At least I feel that I accomplished a lot. I’ve paid for my friends’ leather biker jacket that I ordered for him online last night. It’s for Ted, he asked me to price one for him, and I found the perfect one online for $98.90 and I should have it by Monday. I’m really looking forward to taking it over to him and seeing him try it on, he’s going to be really happy with it, I’m sure. He doesn’t know it also comes with leather gloves, so that will be a nice surprise for him.

I got to walk Jordy with MOTH before going to the bank this morning. That was nice, as always, but the bank, OMG…. The bank manager was on happy pills doing the “commonwealth concierge”. Scared the shit out of me! One person got by while he was chatting to me about my jumper (FFS), but I wouldn’t let the second one past so I rushed off and up to the front of the line. I think the service at my local branch is fine and the manager needs to give the ‘roids a miss and calm the fuck down!

Once that was dealt with, I left MOTH here with his mate and took Jay to pick up his glasses and get his hair cut. The glasses didn’t need much adjusting at all, it’s like they were waiting for him to come along and get them. He looked great, but then it was to the barber and off with the locks. He got his first “shave” with the beard trimmer too, and he’s my handsome young dude again, not someone who was dropped on the back patio by the wolves who had reared him! I got him some decent shampoo and some conditioner while there too, but we’re all good to go for six months, although the boy will be shorn more regularly.

As it was about 11.45am when we got back home, Jay disappeared into “Portal” and I asked MOTH if we’d still go to Carlton today. We looked at the weather outside, the storm that suddenly brewed in Jay’s room was also threatening, so we had a rethink and we’ll go to Paul’s Warehouse tomorrow for some new shoes. And so it was, that I slid into a nice Aromatic Chicken Curry from Lite ‘n Easy for lunch; totally delicious!

Hoping to go for cuppa’s this afternoon and have a chat with P, catch up with what is going on in the world…