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WTF is going on in education?

According to the Proud Schools Consultation report, “Heterosexism is the practice of positioning heterosexuality as the norm for human relationships”. “It involves ignoring, making invisible or descriminationg against non-heterosexual people, their relationships and their interests. Heterosexism feeds homophobia.” They need to incorporate this type of pc bullshit into the syllabus now? And why label heterosexual as the “norm”. Shouldn’t normal be relative to the person being referred to? Everyone has a different state of “normal” and isn’t it about time we moved past using the word normal as a reference point when discussing other human beings.

The way I read this, they are implying that if you are heterosexual, then you are heterosexist and therefore you are homophobic. Are they for real. And using the expression “That’s so gay!” will now be considered a heterosexual slur. When I hear teenagers use the expression, I really don’t think that they are really trying to demean homosexuals at all. They are using the word “gay” instead of saying “lame” or “bad”. “Gay” used to mean joyous and lively, merry, happy, light-hearted. It also referred to bright, brilliant, as in gay colours. It is only just now that I typed “gay” into the online dictionary and point one was homosexual. That’s not what I went to school with.

But lots of words change…. just the other day they changed the definition of misogyny to mean a hatred of women. Why can’t we use long established words correctly and call things by their right name. Throwing the word misogyny around lately in politics has been ridiculous. It’s just whinging and bitching and not getting on with what needs to be done. Its to be sensational and grab a headline. We all know that sexism is alive and well in the workplace, but that doesn’t make every man in high office a misogynist. I’m sure they didn’t get to where they are by pissing off 50% of the population!