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Feelin’ Groovy

I gotta say, a change in medication, although hard, can be for the best. It’s been almost two weeks since we put my dosage up slightly, and I’m just now starting to feel okay about it. Right from the get-go I felt really high and was having trouble sleeping, but that seems to have settled, and I don’t have so much of the racing thoughts. The first week was really hard and I was starting to regret agreeing to the adjustment, but it did help me get through some hectic times and now my brain is starting to feel “normal”. If you have ever used amphetamines or ice, you know that feeling when you’ve been awake for too long and you really need to shut down and sleep but it’s not gonna happen? That’s what it was like for the first seven to eight days. I feel like I’m getting good sleep now, and I have the energy to do things throughout the day and evening. I’ve even been sitting up with the moth watching television some nights, which I haven’t done in the longest of times.

Last Saturday (09/09) I worked as an election official for the local government elections at Bankstown Senior College. It was the first time I had worked at an election that didn’t have a sausage sizzle going on – wasn’t I disappointed! At least I got a good coffee at the hospital cafe for morning tea and the little takeaway out the front was open for lunch. We had some problems in the morning when we opened for polling, but I was just lucky that I chose the right seat to sit in and didn’t have any issues. We had 3 wards at our polling place, but nobody informed the Polling Place Manager, nor did they supply him with the correct ballot papers for the other 2 wards. So, for about 2 hours, there were some very cranky people. I can’t say that I blame them, but their anger was so misdirected. I felt sorry for the two officials who sat at those rolls. Once the problem was worked out and then sorted out, the day was mostly smooth. Counting votes after we shut was a piece of cake too. We only had one ballot paper per elector, and no massive senate/upper house tablecloths to sort. We only had to sort them into the 3 wards and that was easy as they were different colours. We finished at about 8pm, but had to stay until 9pm while the manager finalises and phones through the results. It was a labour victory all ’round, not to anyone’s surprise.

I was pretty stuffed after such a big day, so didn’t get up when the Moth asked me if I was going shopping with him. I got up before he left though, and just sat in front of the morning news with a hot tea, not doing much. I was aching in places that surprised me, but I managed to work out how I got the worst ones and have made a note to sit certain ways and be aware of things I do sub-consciously that will cause aches and pains later. I had a really hot bath and put three handfuls of rock salt in the tub while I was filling it. When I stepped into the water, my aching ankle throbbed really hard for about 30 seconds and then settled. i couldn’t believe how much better I felt after a good, long soak. There is a lot to be said for the healing properties of good ol’ salt.

Yes, Sunday night was when I started to get some good sleep again, and I was really grateful for that. When I saw the doctor on Thursday, I was able to tell him that even though it was pretty shitty for the first week, I had got a handle on it and was starting to feel better about everything. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend therapy this past week, but will be rescheduling on Monday for some time this coming week.

Gardasil for boys

About time they got the injections too… They also get HPV and share it with the ladies, leading to 70% of cases of cervical cancer, and that’s deadly. I found out I had it when I was 3 months preggers (thanks again ex) and had it removed and treated when Jay was 4 months old. Scary stuff. And I know some girls haven’t had the chance to be mothers and never will be due to this insidious disease. Protect ’em all, I say!

In the beginning….

Well, who’d have thunk it…, here I am, writing my first post, wondering who in the hell would be interested in what I have to say. But, what the hell, I’m gonna give it a go and if you like it, hang in there and share the love.

At the moment, I’m cruising mildly manic, but completely over the whole political nightmare that we must endure until the next election. At the federal level, I have to say, although I’m not particularly impressed with the government we have, we did get the government we voted for…. That’s directed at all of you, Greenies! Who could have thought that voting green was a viable alternative to voting Labor or Liberal is beyond me. I don’t quite know if people really understood what the Greens stood for, other than their populist positions on “the cause of the day”. We knew how they felt about marriage equality (for), asylum seekers (all come, onshore processing), emissions trading (CO2 will kill us all). But I don’t think too many realised just how socialist they are. It is true what they say about them being “watermelons” – green on the outside and green on the inside. They may appear to have our very futures as their main concern, but there is no way we can cut our reliability on coal-fire power at this point in this country, we have no other reliable source of power. Yes, I know we need to build the technology, but you can’t tax us to the bone to raise capital that may or may not be used to further these industries in this country.

And speaking of taxing to the bone, what is the deal with the Federal Government taxing tobacco products to the point that they do, only for the State Government to legislate against the use of the products? While I don’t like smoking and would prefer it if the toxic poison was no longer available, I really don’t think this is going to solve the problem of people smoking. If the Government was truly serious about having people quit smoking, I reckon the best way would be to have all smokers register with their doctor as a smoker. I believe that tobacco should only be available on prescription and that after a certain date, no prescriptions will be given to new smokers. That way, no youngsters will be able to take it up in a viable way. It totally kills me to see 14 year old’s smoking. It was bad enough when I started at 16, as that was the legal age, and the trouble I have not smoking is nothing I would wish on anyone. The doctor will be able to monitor the smokers health on a regular basis, and the smoker may be more inclined to quit with the help of their doctor.

Anyhoo, enough ranting and raving for just now. Don’t worry, I’m sure there will be plenty more to spew forth…..