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Gardasil for boys

About time they got the injections too… They also get HPV and share it with the ladies, leading to 70% of cases of cervical cancer, and that’s deadly. I found out I had it when I was 3 months preggers (thanks again ex) and had it removed and treated when Jay was 4 months old. Scary stuff. And I know some girls haven’t had the chance to be mothers and never will be due to this insidious disease. Protect ’em all, I say!

Quitting (again….)

Not too proud, but at least today was day one of no tobacco again. I can’t be a “social” smoker, and I don’t think there is any such devil, so with the lozenges to help me through the worst, it’s been nowhere near as bad this time as I don’t have the “habit”. I just need to stop saying yes, when I would have normally said no. Waking up with asthma at 3.30am will put a person off, so will listening to someone who is really sick with a chest infection…. eewwwiiieeesssss