Visiting Dad

I went to Nepean hospital today to see Dad, and he still doesn’t recognise me. It was good to see him sitting up in a chair though. It had a table that screwed into the arms of the chair, and the nurses had done these up tight. He was determined and when he found the screws he undid them and tried to get up, but he’s unable to get up on his own yet. He needs assistance from two nurses, one under each arm, to get up to the frame to turn around and get back on the bed. At least he co-operated with the nurses doing this with him today.

When I asked him who I was, he said “I don’t know”, I told him “I’m Jenni, your daughter”. He put his head down and came close to tears, but I told him it was okay, I would remind him of who I was however often he needed it. We chatted for a while, and I reminded him of our black and white cat, Bandit, and our dog Jordy. He said that she was a beautiful dog, and she is so I hope he was picturing her. I did say the brindle, so I think he knew. He seemed much more lucid today, but still quite confused. He was determined that I was going to drive him somewhere, I couldn’t work out where we were supposed to be going to.

He didn’t eat lunch today, but he had his rice pudding – who wouldn’t! He managed to eat it on his own, so I felt rather encouraged by that. He was watching television and getting into the old formula one, trying to name all the old drivers. He was able to read them on the screen though, so I think that’s a good sign too. They’ve taken the tv controller off him as he keeps pulling it out of the wall. They put it on the floor under his bed with the volume up a bit so he can kind of hear it. It’s better than no tv at all for him.

He got put back in the chair with the table again, and that was a wrestle with him that lasted the rest of the visit. While in the chair, he managed to open the wound on his neck, so they called the surgeons down to sort it out for him. They hadn’t arrived by the time I left, but I’m sure they would be there as soon as they possibly could be. I just hope that if they stitch him up, this time he’ll leave the stitches long enough for the wound to completely heal. I know he can’t help it, but the nurses can’t keep up with him constantly, and it did happen when i went to get him a coffee from the kiosk. You can’t take your eyes off him for a minute!

As I was getting ready to leave, he was still struggling with the table and I kept trying to stop him and tell him he had to stay there. He finally stopped for a minute and he said “I’ll meet you downstairs, bye love”. I felt awful leaving, but I had to hit the road before the traffic got hectic. I made it about 15 minutes before Jay rode in. I forgot to tell him to text me before he left school, so we had no way of knowing when he would be in. I was in the shower and thinking he doesn’t finish until 3, and he’s always slow in coming out of class, so I wasn’t expecting him much before 3.30. He’s doing really well with his riding to and from school, I’m proud of him.

I’m going to see Dad again on Sunday, so hopefully he’ll be that little better again. I think there is hope for him, it’s just going to be a slow road back. I also think it is a matter of good days and bad days, and we’ll have to take each day as it comes.

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