Back to Earth…

with a resounding “thud”. I got up yesterday in time to see the boy off, (after MOTH brought me a cup of tea in bed), grabbed the laptop and ereader, and headed back to bed. I wasn’t going anywhere for anyone yesterday morning, not even Jordy! And I enjoyed every minute of it too. I did take her for a walk at lunch time when it was nice and warm, before the cold wind picked up. By then, I’d had my shower and gone back to bed for the best nanna nap I’ve had in quite a while. I actually got to sleep, which I haven’t been able to do lately, no matter how tired I have felt. Jay cooked dinner for us last night, and that just topped off my lazy day so beautifully.

Finally starting to get what I feel is a good nights’ sleep now. I wake up feeling refreshed instead of as tired as when I went to sleep. It was lovely that MOTH brought me a cuppa again this morning in bed, I’m feeling quite spoiled. He always makes me one when I get up, but the last two days in bed have been wonderful. I haven’t come too far down this time, I seem to be settling nicely at just above “normal”, so I’m getting up and carrying on as always, but with a little less speed to everything.

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