Another beautiful day….

How gorgeous is today? It started off pretty craptacular, but I’m loving this now. Will be off to the cake shop early to sit in the sun with cuppa and keep reading “The Lost Symbol” by Dan Brown. I don’t have too much more to go and I’m really enjoying it. I did like all his other books too, and this is very much in the same vein. And it will be so lovely down at Blue Ribbon Cakes for the afternoon, looking forward to it.

I’ve already had a busy day, but I got the dog walked nice and early this morning, out in the fog. My hair was all frizzy by the time I got home, but I couldn’t do anything with it before I went out again as it was still foggy at 10.30am! It was still foggy when I got to Teddles after 11, but it was really lovely by the time I left about 1pm. Jeez, we had such a laugh today, just chatting about life in general. He’s such a funny bloke, and it’s not like sitting with your average 71-year-old. The stories he tells me about his life as a younger man are just amazing. All the travelling and different jobs that he’s done over the years, all the different people that he has met, he’s had a really interesting life. And even though he has lost his vision and slowed down, he hasn’t lost any of his personality. He’s still very quick of wit and sharp of tongue, just like his mum, and she’s 92!

Not much to say at this time of day, however I am keen to get out and down to the shops. I’ll leave you all there for now and catch you next time…

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