Saturday Night

What another beautiful Saturday here in Condell Park. The weather has been amazing for a few days, and looks like we have a few more on the way. I woke up really excited today, as I am doing my first makeup job in a while, and it’s for a good friend so it’s going to be lots of fun. I’ve had the colours picked out for her for a bit, but finally showed her yesterday and she is really happy with them. And it’s at her place before she goes out for the night, and I will be staying with her little man for the night so she can finally go out, which she hasn’t done for a really long time. Her little dude is so excited, he woke this morning while I was on the phone with her and said “I’m so excited Jenni’s coming to babysit me tonight!”. He really made my morning by saying that, and he didn’t know I was on the phone so it was all the more special.

I’ve been looking forward to getting back into doing more make overs, it’s a lot of fun and is very satisfying when you can show someone how much they can really wear without looking like “a whore” or “painted clown”. I get a big kick out of showing someone lots of colours, telling them I’m going to use them all and watching them freak out. As I say, “do I ever look like I set the gun to whore?” and they always say no. I’ve only ever had one unhappy customer, and it wasn’t the girl herself, it was her overbearing mother who thought mascara and lippy was more than enough, while the daughter wanted full, formal look. Mum won, as she was paying, but I wish I knew to begin with! Other than that, every formal, wedding party or guests, or “do” that I do, everyone is happy with my work, to the point I have 4 regulars for their big events (weddings, christenings, daughter’s formal).

Enough about me though, must say Flames Grill at Condell Park is the Lebanese takeaway to go to. Now that they’ve toned down the garlic sauce, it is totally awesome. I loved the chicken wrap I had today, with both garlic sauce and hommous. And I don’t stink….. last time, no amount of toothpaste and gargle was effective in alleviating the pungent smell emanating from me whenever I breathed. I had to sleep facing the wall so that MOTH didn’t have to smell me! It’s not like that any more, I think they had to cave in when the men came in and complained that their wives wanted a divorce because they stank of garlic. It didn’t stop them eating there though, and funking up their homes in the evening! EEEWWWWWWW

Was going to have a Nanna nap, but feel refreshed after chillaxing watching a kids movie on telly this afternoon, and the cuppa tea I just had was a good pick-me-up too. Hope I don’t fade early later, little dude is counting on me. I told him we were going to read “The day my bum went Psycho” and he giggles his little head off. Jay loved the “bum books” when he was little dudes age, and I’m a big fan of getting kids to read as many books as possible. Even comics, anything that gives them a chance to improve reading and vocabulary, and use their imagination, had to be good for them. Jay started reading Dr Seuss on his own before he started school, and was reading Dan Brown in year 6, when he was 11 turning 12. I always feel sad for the person I come across who doesn’t like to read, I feel they are missing out on so many things. I love the escapism of fiction, being transported to another place for a while, to the point I am sometimes disappointed when a good story comes to an end.

Anyhoo, like all good stories, this post too, must come to an end. I’m super excited about going in an hour. I need another cup of tea as my mouth is really dry, and I need to make sure again that I have everything that I need at the ready. I’ll do the check about another 3 times before I go, such is the paranoia I suffer! Have a good rest to your weekend too. Mwa xxx

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