Yeah, thank god it’s Friday alright, I’m totally stuffed. Another busy week topped off by a day that started the week with nothing to do and ended up being filled with things that didn’t get done on other days prior! This is why I hate putting off crap, I’d rather keep running and get it done so I get a free day sooner. It turned out to be a good day anyway, so I’m not complaining about it.

Started with the usual walk with Jordy after MOTH came home from shopping at Aldi. MOTH didn’t do the walk, instead choosing to have a good breakky while I and girlie went alone. That was alright; I stopped at Blue Ribbon Cakes on Simmat Avenue for a soy latte and Jordy waited patiently for it to arrive. Saw a couple of the girls and a daughter so we got to have a quick chat about the ins and outs about town (gossip more like it). Enjoyed the coffee on the walk home, got back as MOTH had finished his cereal, then it was time to go to Carlton to get some shoes.


Jay and I both got 2 pairs. He got a black pair and white pair for school, I got a nice grey/blue pair and a black/fluro green pair. So comfy having a new pair of runners, not that I do any running of course, and I didn’t want white ones as the dog is forever treading on my feet whenever we are together, and my last pair of white ones turned grey anyway. Tried to get MOTH to stop at girlfriends’ mothers’ house but that didn’t happen, he just seemed to avoid it.

Stopped at the local shops on the way home and bumped into P out shopping with her little man. Always good to see the both of them and they both seemed happy today, so that was awesome. I didn’t stop at home for long though, just long enough to eat a cheese and bacon roll, then ran back out to see my mate Teddles. He needed help with dressing a wound on his leg that seems to be refusing to heal. Had to go to the chemist for him, so I got a coffee for both of us at Gloria Jeans Panania while I was out. We had a good chinwag today, and he’s upset that he has to quit smoking. He’s not quite sure how he’ll go, but he’s determined so I know he’ll do it. But whether I want to talk to him while this is going on is another thing! I’ll be seeing him every second day to sort out his leg but that’s good, I love seeing him anyway.

Just as I was about to jump in the shower this afternoon, I had just taken my makeup off, when Jay needs money on my debit card (that wasn’t there), so I had enough time to get dressed again and walk down to the bank for him to get his downloads. I had to laugh though…. it’s 96gig and we only have 120gig per month so he has to do selective downloading… tehehehe

I asked MOTH if he would cook dinner tonight, but he wasn’t up to it so I let him off, but told him he owes me 3 for the privilige. He’ll step up for me most times I ask, but tonight I didn’t think he would but I tried anyway….. can’t blame a girl for trying. At least I don’t have to cook tomorrow night when I’m at P’s place with her little man for the night. Looking forward to that! Going to read “The day my bum went PSYCHO” by Andy Griffith with him, he’s just the right age 8 and a half.

Must rest now as tomorrow is a big day too. I’m getting so tired of these big days, but I will have a doona day soon. It’s time for Dr Who so I must run. Love youse all

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