Sliding into lunch…

It was one of those mornings where I felt like I moved the world…. At least I feel that I accomplished a lot. I’ve paid for my friends’ leather biker jacket that I ordered for him online last night. It’s for Ted, he asked me to price one for him, and I found the perfect one online for $98.90 and I should have it by Monday. I’m really looking forward to taking it over to him and seeing him try it on, he’s going to be really happy with it, I’m sure. He doesn’t know it also comes with leather gloves, so that will be a nice surprise for him.

I got to walk Jordy with MOTH before going to the bank this morning. That was nice, as always, but the bank, OMG…. The bank manager was on happy pills doing the “commonwealth concierge”. Scared the shit out of me! One person got by while he was chatting to me about my jumper (FFS), but I wouldn’t let the second one past so I rushed off and up to the front of the line. I think the service at my local branch is fine and the manager needs to give the ‘roids a miss and calm the fuck down!

Once that was dealt with, I left MOTH here with his mate and took Jay to pick up his glasses and get his hair cut. The glasses didn’t need much adjusting at all, it’s like they were waiting for him to come along and get them. He looked great, but then it was to the barber and off with the locks. He got his first “shave” with the beard trimmer too, and he’s my handsome young dude again, not someone who was dropped on the back patio by the wolves who had reared him! I got him some decent shampoo and some conditioner while there too, but we’re all good to go for six months, although the boy will be shorn more regularly.

As it was about 11.45am when we got back home, Jay disappeared into “Portal” and I asked MOTH if we’d still go to Carlton today. We looked at the weather outside, the storm that suddenly brewed in Jay’s room was also threatening, so we had a rethink and we’ll go to Paul’s Warehouse tomorrow for some new shoes. And so it was, that I slid into a nice Aromatic Chicken Curry from Lite ‘n Easy for lunch; totally delicious!

Hoping to go for cuppa’s this afternoon and have a chat with P, catch up with what is going on in the world…

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