Another day in the life of…..

And what a lovely day it was, even though it was a cold and foggy start to the day. I like waking up watching the fog coming up from the shops, it looks kind of spooky. Just pull the covers up around my ears and lay in bed watching the street disappear is a nice way to spend a winter morning. The only downside is the fact that I do have to get out of bed and get on with the day. I’m still a little high, so the getting up and getting going isn’t too bad. I hate having to do a winter morning when I’m flat or low, it’s all too hard!

A photo at the request of MOTH, as it looked like the moon was hiding behind the clouds during the day…..

A lovely morning with 5 layers on! Had to walk Jordy, so was all rugged up in coat and beanie for that. It was a nice walk with just her and I, and we did it fairly quickly. She must have felt a little cold too. Not many at the coffee shop by the time we got there, but we kept walking and we were a bit late for the girls. They’ll all be back next week when school goes back. I went back for a cuppa after I took Jordy home, and I did a little shopping for us and Kate before rushing back home to take Jay to his pediatrician at lunch.

We got to the doctors’ office early, via East Hills, stopping to see the fabulous Freddie on our way. He’s a lovely old dude with a shop in East Hills and sells drinks, chips and lollies cheap, all the necessities for a drive. On getting there, we went to see how many in front, and for the first time no one was there and he waived us in half an hour early. Jay and I looked at each other, shrugged and went in, happy to be over and done with early. I must say he is a picture of glowing health all, 186cm and 75kg of him! What a hunky dude! It’s always good to check in with doctor George every six months and monitor Jay’s progress. He was really happy with him today, but I finally discovered that Jay is nervous about his math test results. He has to pass everything in his half yearly or lose all electronic privileges. That means he only gets to use his school laptop and calculator and check his mobile at the front door when he gets home from school until he passes everything, so that meant at least five months. I think I have him really worried….. At least all his schoolwork was done and handed in on time this semester, and I haven’t had to whinge and nag to get him to do homework and assignments. Whilst I might not agree with homework, I believe it is a necessary evil as it is work that has been set to be completed, therefore forcing the student to “time manage” and “self supervise”, both important skills to learn while growing up. I don’t think they actually gain any more knowledge about the topic than they did prior to completing the homework task, unless they are really interested in learning about that topic. In Jay’s case, if he gets it done quickly, that’s more online time he has with his mates. He is running his own server that he built so I give him massive credit for that, but he does need to be outside a bit more……

Had a catch up with P when she finished work – God she’s a laugh. She’s one of those friends you like to see lots of because they make you feel happy in your day, even if they’re day may suck, they still make you feel like you’re surrounded in sunshine just being with them. Lent her some boots for her outfit for the weekend, hope they work for her, saving time and money. I’ll be fixing her hair and makeup for the party, then I’ll be staying with her little man for the evening, which I am looking forward to very much. He’s a lovely little dude, and my boys will enjoy a night of boy movies together here while I do animation with him at his place. Looking forward to that.

Dinner was good tonight – it was just crumbed steak, potato bake and vegetables, but I made a little mayo thingy, with garlic, chili and lemon. That was the good part, if I say so myself. I was quite impressed with my little invention, feeling a bit adventurous in the kitchen tonight. Sometimes that might not be a good thing, but it paid off tonight, and for that, I am happy.

That’s it from me, just another daily ramble about what I got up to today….. đŸ™‚

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