Always TGIF on the F! I was up early enough to go shopping with MOTH this morning at Aldi. I don’t know how he coped with getting there only 5 minutes before the door opened. Again, it was freezing this morning, but standing up the side of the building made it more bearable while waiting for the doors to open. So glad when the doors did open this morning, kind of thawed out by half way through aisle one. Got a new pillow each for MOTH and Jay, and they both seem happy with them. We also got a few other goodies today, and I got to see the couple that are always there on a Friday morning besides MOTH (and me when I go).

Finally got to do MyKate’s banking for her, as well as pick up some medication for her and Kev (her friend) and pay some bills. I’m glad Kev pays most of her electricity bill, he’s the one using the most power, even though he doesn’t live there. I got her some new slippers for herself and her sister as well. They are really soft, almost sock-like sheepskin, with rubber writing on the bottom to stop slipping. Got myself a second pair too, as they can just be thrown in the washing machine and dried when needed. You can wear them to bed, MyKate does, but I don’t. My feet would get too hot.

I ended up having three walks down the street today; once with MOTH and Jordy, again to get some potatoes for dinner tonight, then to have coffee with P this afternoon. MP arrived with the young’uns but P had to go with her boy, so I stayed with MP for a while, just chatter-boxing about about all kinds of things, including about how the kids change as they get older (hers are younger than mine), and her father’s health (he has lung cancer). It was good, but I always wonder how much she really listens too and takes in. She quite often seems to be thinking of what she’s going to say next rather that listening to what I am saying at the moment….. I’m sure we’ve all met people like that! Everyone says she has a heart of gold, I always reply  with “so does an artichoke!

Cooked a nice dinner tonight of crumbed steak, potato bake and mixed steamed vegies. Everyone was happy with that, and I love that the boys clean up for me afterwards. All that was done before MOTH and I settled in for Doctor Who this evening, following up with the footy. Tigers are in front 4-0 Bulldogs, as we check-in with the game. Speaking of Dr Who, the mug I order for my friends’ 50th was only sent today in the post, so I will not have it before Tuesday. Pissed off really, as I left 5 delivery days when they never take more than 2 days. Oh well, that’s what you get when you purchase during a sale. Got a good price, but will have to leave a kind of cryptic message on his card for him tomorrow night.

Going for early blow-job at Hair-On-Simmat about 9am tomorrow. All excited about this party tomorrow night, should be lots of faces I haven’t seen in some time and MOTH is coming with me so it should be a fantastic night. I’m almost too excited to sleep!

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