Hair today….

MOTHs’ mate was here this morning, just after he got back from the doctors’. That was before 9am! So definitely had catch up cuppa’s before braving the cold. MyKate’s daughter and grandson turned up to pick her up for a visit to the solicitor this morning, just so she could finalise her will and make grandson her executor. Glad that’s sorted out! Her daughter just gives me the most sour look, but I must remember, it’s not me, that’s just how she looks at everyone! MyKate even said she must have looked at the solicitor like that, as he was giving her an odd look. I cracked up when she told me that this afternoon. Even MOTHs’ friend shuddered when he set eyes upon her when he was leaving this morning! I’m glad it’s not me, I was getting paranoid, and I don’t need help getting that!

Took Jordy and MOTH for a walk to the shops this morning, bloody freezing that was. The wind chill was really, really cold. Felt like 1C, that is cold for here. Jordy didn’t mind, but I thought MOTH was going to freeze to the chair he was sitting on, waiting with Jordy, while I stuffed around in the cake shop (Blue Ribbon Cakes – Condell Park) getting Coconut Caramel slices for us, and organising my cuppa for later. Absolutely astounded at how frozen my fingers were this morning, even the sun didn’t feel like it was warming up my cheeks.

Got back in time for text message from P, “catch-up in 5 for coffee”. I was there…. order my chai latte for me! Very nice catching up with the girlies and kiddies, be glad when school goes back and the young ones don’t have to hang around us being bored, and annoyed! Had to sit inside as the wind was still icy at nearly 10am. Did some shopping with P and went to hers to help her put a colour in her hair, chocolate-brown. Looked really good when we finished, and I was pleased, as it has been a while since I have done this for someone. Had heaps of fun playing “girlie bum”, which is something I don’t get to do too often, being the wife of an old biker and mother of a teen boy. Didn’t finish and get home until about 1:45pm, then played the waiting game with my hairdresser. She said she was coming, but I wasn’t going to hold my breath, if she was coming, it wouldn’t be on time.

BellaModa finally arrived at about 4.15pm, so she did a nice cut and put the foils on for me, which I left in until just after 6pm. I got to shower and wash them out about an hour ago, and I can’t wait ’til it dries, so I can see the lovely colour. Wish BellaModa could have stayed to dry my hair, but that’s ok for tonight, I really want it dried on Saturday for the evening. As I had book Hair on Simmat as a backup, I will downgrade that appointment to just a blow dry, so I can look as fabulous as possible! Glad it got done, but get really annoyed with waiting for BM sometimes. I know she’s busy, got lots going on, etc.., but don’t we all? FFS! I’ve never stuffed a client around like that when I have gone to do make up, and its funny, because the excuses she was texting me are the same ones I’ve heard her use so many times over the years to other people.

The boy cooked dinner for he and the MOTH tonight, which was lovely, as I got rather busy around that time. I’m about to sit down to a lite ‘n easy Aromatic Chicken Curry meal in a bowl while watching Doctor Who; looking forward to that. Also happy it’s Thursday, Law& Order SVU tonight, then the news if I last that long. Have fun people, remember that I love ya, and keep it real.

Mmmmmmmm, Old Gold chocolate easter egg

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