Quitting (again….)

Not too proud, but at least today was day one of no tobacco again. I can’t be a “social” smoker, and I don’t think there is any such devil, so with the lozenges to help me through the worst, it’s been nowhere near as bad this time as I don’t have the “habit”. I just need to stop saying yes, when I would have normally said no. Waking up with asthma at 3.30am will put a person off, so will listening to someone who is really sick with a chest infection…. eewwwiiieeesssss

3 thoughts on “Quitting (again….)

  1. Kerry Williams

    Hello wife & mother of one ….. how clever of you to do this …. I’ve actually got a wordpress account but be stuffed if I can remember the details for it … like username ….. another geriatric moment I fear 😦

    1. jenfafar Post author

      I’m trying this out as a way of bitching out about the stuff that we yell and scream about every day in the news and life in general. Not a day goes by without us beating our chests about some idiot or other who is trying to run the country, and he’s always telling me we should put our opinion out there….. He always wants me to be able to publish what we rant and rave over so other people see our point of view


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